Value to Facility

Facility policies and procedures indicate a need to effectively communicate and enforce vendor policies and management of vendor credentials.

Reptrax is a no-charge to the facility platform to help IDNs and facilities do the following:

  • Track and manage vendor credentials.
  • Track vendor activity.
  • Track vendor behavior.

Track and manage vendor credentials

  • Communicate your vendor policies to your entire vendor population at no charge to the facility and the vendor.
  • Use the Reptrax platform in acquiring, storing, and managing vendor credentials including vaccinations, training documents, insurance, and your own custom credential documents.
  • Do zero data entry and zero document management at the facility.
  • Benefit from Reptrax's credential team that checks each vendor credential before publishing it to the vendor's profile.
  • Deploy low-cost, web-based check in/out kiosks in less than three minutes. The system generates badges for only those vendors in compliance with your requirements.

Track vendor activity

  • Track every vendor that enters your institution(s) through 100% web-based check in/out terminals.
  • Print badges for those with all the proper credentials that you requested and Reptrax checked by uploading to their profiles.
  • Identify who is in the facility by having facility staff log into Reptrax from anywhere.

Track vendor behavior

Reptrax provides the first community-based scorecard in healthcare where you can provide positive or negative feedback based on vendor adherence to your policies.

  • Drive community-based incentives to adhere to your credential requirements.
  • Work with neighboring facilities to ensure vendors follow procurement policies.
  • Participate in Reptrax's national scorecard used by large IDN and group purchasing organizations.